About Us

Multi Aquaculture Systems (MAS) is located in an area of East Hampton, NY known as the Promised Land.

Our onshore facilities include 22 outdoor circular raceways and hatchery and laboratory buildings. MAS has the requisite Federal, State, county and township permits for breeding, holding, culturing and distributing live seafood both on land and in the ocean. In addition to commercial fish cultivation, MAS has participated in a stock augmentation program for winter flounder and northern blowfish with the Trustees of the Town Of East Hampton. The Company also has collaborated in fishery research with Cornell Marine Cooperative. 

Multi Aquaculture Systems upland facility showing nursery and holding pools, hatchery, and marine science and administration buildings

MAS holds lease rights to a 200-acre water column in Gardiners Bay south of Plum Island, New York. The site is permitted for offshore fin fish cage culture. The addition of this water column lease to our existing upland facility expands Multi Aquaculture System’s proven capabilities to address market needs and trends, now and into the future. 

Seastainable™, the Multi Aquaculture Systems work boat

MAS is using the cage site for sustainable aquaculture practices, i.e., raising marketable fin fish native to the area.

The first net pen in place, fully tethered to its anchoring grid

We have anchored cage culture net pens at our open ocean site, the only such commercial site within U.S. coastal waters. Although not in the fully open ocean, the location is exposed to the large swings in meteorological conditions, water temperatures, tidal currents and sea states typical of the North Atlantic Ocean. The site is marked by an array of warning buoys, radar reflector buoys and flashing lights to ensure boating safety. It is marked on NOAA navigation charts.

Fingerling striped bass being loaded into a cooled, oxygenated transfer box on the motorized MAS work barge for their 9 mile journey to the grow out site

In summer 2012 we transferred our first brood of 'fingerling' striped bass (Morone saxatilisto the offshore net pens. We fed them squid, shrimp and baitfish while they grew strong and healthy in the pure ocean environment until late fall 2012. They grew incredibly well in the environment that nature designed them for. We transferred them back to the onshore facilities in late fall 2012. They are now appearing in fine restaurants and seafood shops on Long Island and are quickly vanishing from our array of holding tanks.

2012 was our first year of ranching fin fish in the ocean. It has been a time of great effort, intense learning experiences, and gratifying results. We continue to grow new crops for transfer to and from the offshore site, the only offshore marine finfish aquaculture site in net pens in the open ocean in U.S. coastal waters.