Multi Aquaculture Systems (MAS) is a fully integrated aquaculture company based in an area called 'Promised Land' on the beautiful East End of Long Island. The waters surrounding this area are known for their diversity of marine species.

MAS pioneered marine hatchery and husbandry techniques leading to the cultivation of over 15 species of saltwater fish. Over the last three plus decades MAS provided hundreds of thousands of tons of live fish to North American, European and Asian markets. The Company's operations include raising fish in offshore net pens, a practice that is well-established on all other habitable continents, yet is rare the U.S.

MAS raised its first crop of tasty striped bass (Morone saxatilis) in net pens in the water at the north end of Gardiners Bay. The fish flourished in the marine environment, growing strong, lean and large over the summer and through autumn 2012, and survived Sandy. They were transferred back to the onshore facility and appeared on fine restaurant tables and in seafood shops on Long Island and in Manhattan over the winter.